SWISS SUNRISE brand was born in a watch family with name Nicolas in the year of 1893. The brand means people’s positive life attitude, means keeping going up every day. The ideal of SUNRISE brand is bringing normal people the textured and luxury feeling, but with reasonable price. So SUNRISE brand just keep making “high quality, but attractive price” watches. Meanwhile, SUNRISE insists on “fashion comes from changes” and different clothes, different occasions must have different watch styles. So SUNRISE keep making many new styles frequently in short time. That makes it popular in Europe, Middle East and South East Asia market.

Mr.Nicolas Schmit, aged 21 years old, built his own watch workshop in Saint-Imier in Switzerland in 1893, and started his handmade watch business from now on. His products were accepted quickly by many customers because of the good quality and beautiful appearance. For keeping good quality, Nicolas never enlarged his workshop, just kept his handmade style for the watches.In 1898, Nicolas got married with Maritta and then they handled the workshop together. In 1908,they suffered the avalanche, when Nicolas went vacation with his family. When the rescuer finally rescued his family safely, the family felt so lucky and also sensed the precious life time. So Nicolas decided to create a lovely and lucky watch brand with the whole of his life, to express his respect to the rescuer and the honor to the precious life time. And then SUNRISE came to this world. 

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SUNRISE brand means sun rises, and also means full youthful spirit and good luck. So SUNRISE brand face on customers aged from 18-50 years old. All the designs, characteristics and styles are made according to young people’s characteristics. And all SUNRISE watches are produced with limit quantity and usually renew the watch designs frequently. All of those jobs fit young people’s life. Nicolas family insist on that the high quality watches should be shared by all people, not just for rich people. So SUNRISE just keep making good quality watches but with attractive price.